I love spending time in the kitchen and I hope to help you find the love too!

- Erin

Portabella Pizza

Portabella Pizza

Portabella Pizza

Servings: 2 Large

  • 4 Large Portabella Caps

  • 1/2 Medium Onion, diced

  • 5 Fresh vine ripened Tomatoes

  • 4 Garlic Cloves

  • 1 Medium Leek

  • ½ Lemon

  • 5 Basil Leaves, sliced

  • ½ tsp salt and pepper

  • 1 Tbsp Olive Oil

  • 6oz Ground Meat (optional)

  • Toppings Optional: Parmesan Cheese, Red Pepper Flakes, Pepperoni

  1. Fill a stock pot with water, turn heat up to high to bring water to a boil

  2. While water is heating, start working on the vegetables

  3. Dice the onion and slice the basil

  4. Roll up the basil leaves together into a roll. Cut the basil and you’ll end up with long strips

  5. Cut leek into half moons: To process the leek cut off a small amount of the white end, just past the roots.

  6. Cut the leek vertical from the root, half way up the stem. The entire leek will stay together after cut.

  7. Rinse the layers of the leek, expanding the portion you cut vertically, with cold water to remove sandy grit.

  8. Once washed you can cut the leek into thin half moons. Cut the white side up the stalk to create the half moons. The leek is tougher the greener the pieces. Roughly about a third of the leek will be used.

  9. Mince 3 garlic cloves. You can buy pre-minced garlic in the grocery store which saves time.

  10. Add olive oil to a sauté pan turn on medium heat. Add onion, leek, and garlic. Cook until soft and liquid has released, approximately 5-7 minutes

  11. The water should now be at a boil

  12. Fill large mixing bowl halfway with cold water and ice.

  13. Turn the water back up to high if you reduced the heat

  14. Score an “X” on the bottom side of tomatoes with a knife.

  15. Add tomatoes to the boiling water gently (to avoid splashing, drop them in using a pasta fork)

  16. Set timer for 1 minute.

  17. Check tomatoes to see the skin cracking this means they are ready to remove and place into the bowl of cold water.

  18. Keep tomatoes in water for about 2 minutes and remove

  19. The skin will be easily removed by peeling from the scored “X” on the bottom of tomatoes.

  20. Dice tomatoes, draining any extra juice and seeds into the trash.

  21. Add tomatoes to sauté pan with onions and leeks then add ½ squeezed lemon.

  22. Allow tomatoes to cook and reduce for 10 minutes.

  23. If you are including meat, heat a small pan and cook the 60z meat, drain any grease, and set aside.

  24. Add basil stir and remove from heat. If adding meat stir into sauce.

  25. Preheat oven to 400.

  26. Clean mushrooms by taking a paper towel and wiping off any extra dirt from the top.

  27. On the bottom side use a spoon to remove the cap and gills to make a nice cup to hold your tomato sauce. If you don’t remove the gills, your fillings will become soupy

  28. Spray a baking sheet with non-stick oil and evenly space out mushrooms. – I prefer to put these on a slotted pan to allow any extra liquid to drip down. 

  29. Fill caps with tomato sauce

  30. Top with parmesan and/or pepperoni if you want

  31. Bake for 12 minutes or until mushrooms are tender.

  32. Add any additional toppings – cheese, red pepper flakes, fresh basil

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