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Cutting an Onion

Cutting an Onion

Obviously, there are many ways to cut an onion and if you’ve found a way that works for you, great! For many years I struggled with the onion and therefore, removed it from many recipes. Because I struggled, I thought there might be others out there with the same dilemma, so I wrote this post on the way that works for me. If you are an onion cutting ninja, you can stop reading now and move on with your life!


Onion basics: there are two ends, one with the roots and the other side with the top.

Place the onion on its side so the roots and top are facing opposite directions (left and right) as shown in the first image. Cut off the top, leaving the root end intact so you have a flat surface where the top was.


Turn the onion on the new flat side so the roots are facing the ceiling. Slice the onion in half through the roots. Each half should now have a little part of the root.

If you don’t need a whole onion, go ahead and put half of it away. If you need the whole onion, follow the rest of the steps for both sides.


Peel the top layer of the skin off (the dry crunchy stuff). Put the onion on its center which is now a large flat side with the roots out to the left (or right if you are left handed). See the image to the right.

If you need slices of onion rather than diced, you can start cutting the onion in strips, whatever width is needed.


If you need diced, cut into the onion towards the roots, multiple times working across like a rainbow over the whole onion.

Then cut from the top to roots and as you slice, the onion will be diced.

Dicing an Onion
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