I love spending time in the kitchen and I hope to help you find the love too!

- Erin

An Introduction

An Introduction

I have a possibly unrealistic belief that given the right tools, everyone can find love in the kitchen. I’m not talking romantically, although my husband may argue that point when it comes to my obsession with brussels sprouts, I’m referring to the creative process of cooking. I’ve spent the last 6ish years truly investing time in the kitchen, adapting to new ingredients and health goals along the way. Now I can’t wait to turn on some music, grab a drink, and chop away!

A few months ago, I was enjoying lunch with a friend and she mentioned it was incredibly stressful “trying to be domestic”. She wished she had my joy of cooking but the entire process from planning, to shopping, to cooking was so overwhelming it became a burden! It made me so sad, and the ‘fixer’ in me immediately starting brainstorming about what I could do to help.

As I began to think about all the steps that go into my weekly process, I started to empathize with how tough it is for someone who is starting from scratch (kitchen pun intended). When you start trying to not only cook, but cook a healthy meal, it gets very overwhelming! There is usually a trigger that prompts someone to start thinking about healthy cooking. It may be weight related, children, money, or maybe an illness in the family. That trigger point, whatever it is for you, is stressful enough without the pressure of becoming a “domestic goddess” overnight! Many people just never start.

After a great deal of experimenting in my own life, I have concluded that small changes with your entire life in mind (not just that summer bikini) is the way to go. As the childhood classic, The Little Engine That Could, teaches us, with small steps can get you to the top of the seemingly impossible hill. This includes finding realistic ways to keep your social life without sabotaging your diet, even if it means showing up with arugula. (More to come on this in another post)

I am not an expert in nutrition or the culinary arts. I am still learning and exploring but I hope to make your life a little easier by sharing my recipes and experiences. No, not everyone will get to my level of euphoria when presented with a knife, cutting board, and produce but I hope to help you find some level of love in the kitchen.

There are two ways to navigate my site: by individual recipe or by my Culinary Collaborations. These provide a few recipes (3-5) which interconnect ingredients to cut down on the amount of food you need to buy. Posts labeled as Culinary Collaborations (CC) will provide the full grocery list for the meals, tips on prepping a future meal while preparing tonight’s dinner and links to the recipes. If you don’t need/want that, you can just search individual recipes. As one of my favorite bloggers says, “you do you”. (Serena Wolf)

I wanted to launch this site with some decent content but moving forward my goal is to provide at least one new recipe a week (don’t judge, I have a real job), and incorporate more Culinary Collab’s as my recipe postings grow or you request something specific. Please leave comments with suggestions, recipes requests, and anything I can do with this site to make it easier for you to navigate.

Eating Healthy While Still Having a Social Life

Eating Healthy While Still Having a Social Life